I was born in Bucharest on the 25th of July 1983. At the age of five I started taking piano lessons and continued doing that while attening a normal school. In the 6th grade I began singing in the “Voces Primavera” girl choir. Doing all these things as a child was hard but now I know it was worth it! At the age of 15 I started attending the “George Enescu” Music Highschool in Bucharest in Gabriela Enasescu’s piano class. I graduated in 2002. It was time for College so in the fall of 2002 I found myself being a student at Bucharest’s National University of Dramatic Art and Cinematography “I. L. Caragiale” in the acting section. Those years were very happy for me but, unfortunately, passed very quickly. I learned a lot there and remained with warm memories and a lot of good friends. In June 2006 I graduated from George Ivascu and Doru Ana’s acting class with the role of Master of ceremony in the musical “Two Orphans” at the Casandra Theatre. The show was awarded with the Best Play Prize at the UNATC Gala.

How I started to sing  jazz

My classmate at the “George Enescu” highschool was pianist and composer Andrei Tudor, a wonderful musician. “I’m listening to jazz” he used to tell me, his earphones on his ears all the time. I didn’t know much about that music then so I didn’t pay much attention to him. But, curiously, I asked him to play some for me. From that moment on I fell in love with JAZZ and started to learn much more about it. Soon, I started performing with him as a duo, voice and piano. Our performance together was awarded with the Debut Prize at the Jazz Prizes Gala in February 2004. I started meeting people and artists who were playing a lot of jazz in Bucharest. Marius Popp, Puiu Pascu, Marius Vernescu, Sorin Romanescu, Alex Man, Sorin Terinte, Mircea Tiberian, Petrica Andrei, Marius Mihalache, Arthur Balogh, Pedro Negrescu, Virgil Popescu, Alin Constantiu, Eugen Nichiteanu, Ciprian and Tudor Parghel are just a few of the people who helped me grow as a singer and as an artist. I performed in all the jazz clubs in Bucharest, also in a lot of other romanian cities, important festivals and events. A great moment in my life was when I met jazz singer Anca Parghel who was a teacher, good friend and from whom I learned a lot. I thank her every day for that… Another important moment was when I met Marius Mihalache who trusted me and invited me to release an album together – “World Symphony” (2007). One day I was asked how I managed to do so many things in so little time. I answered “with love, ambition, pleasure…and a little bit of luck”.

Irina 1-min

Irina 2-min